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Hey Friends!

Dmitry Foox

Thanks for visiting my Shatterproof fundraising page.

50 Burpees. Everyday. 365 days. The final 30 days are here.

#TheSoberBurpee50 is an online fitness campaign to inspire those in recovery to get moving. Each video is dedicated to someone that is open about their recovery in the hopes that the video brings some positivity into their day. That's the whole point.

I believe in Shatterproof so the last 30 days of #TheSoberBurpee50 are dedicated to raising funds to help end the stigma.

In case you haven’t heard of Shatterproof, they’re a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation the disease of addiction causes families.

Every dollar we raise together will advance Shatterproof’s advocacy efforts and provide evidence-based resources for families.

Through the help of good people like you, I know I can make a big difference. May I count on your support?

Whether you give $100 or $25, any amount will make a big difference.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Together, we are stronger than addiction. We Are Shatterproof!



raised of $1,000 goal

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1. APAaron Puertollano
2. LRLindsay Russo
Thanks for being such an inspiration Dmitry. Changing people's lives one day at a time ♥️ Glad to call you my friend!
3. NVNicole Vicario
4. AAnonymous
5. DWDustin Willis
6. WWWade Wilson
Dr. Foox, The Sober Burpee 50...just awesome. Congrats on winding down. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being open about your recovery. I hope this brings some light to your day! Best, Wade (IG apexgulch)

My Workout Fundraiser #TheSoberBurpee50