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Travis Colvin

Thanks for visiting my Shatterproof fundraising page. In case you haven’t heard of Shatterproof, they’re a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families.

This issue hits close to home for me and my family. On August 24, 2017, my sister (Olivia) lost her battle with addiction. Sadly, she was just 31 years old. Like so many others, she didn't fit the profile of an “addict". She did, however, carry the weight of the stigma that comes along with identifying as one. Our hope now is to use Olivia’s story as a way of helping people understand that addiction is not a personal choice or a moral failing. It can happen to anyone. This is a reality that a growing number of my families are quietly facing. Fortunately, organizations like Shatterproof are working hard to address the stigma head on by changing the conversation about addiction.

Every dollar we raise together will advance Shatterproof’s advocacy efforts, while also providing evidence-based resources for families.

We are seeking individual donations in the amount of $31 (Olivia’s age when she passed) to help us achieve our goal. Thank you in advance for your generosity.



raised of $3,100 goal

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