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The Flywheel journey started in 2010 in New York City. Our team had a vision for creating something big: An indoor cycling workout that allowed everyone, regardless of fitness level, to unleash their highest potential. And their inner athlete.

To do that, we knew we had to be different.

Our classes will challenge you (and change you), performance personalization will help you shatter your personal bests, and our instructors will sweat alongside you, testing your limits every single time.

Fly Wheel’s signature studio workout WHEEL is a high-intensity interval training ride. Climb heavy hills, sprint through fast flats, jog up-and-down mixed terrains, and race against others in the epic class that’s changed countless bodies and minds. Includes an upper-body series for a full-body workout.

Also offered, FLYBARRE is a total body workout. Blending light weights, high repetitions, and core strengthening exercises, it’s the ultimate toning experience that’s transformed countless bodies.

Whatever your charity of choice, we’ll help you host an epic 45-minute ride and you’ll keep 100% of the proceeds.

To host a charity ride or barre class at Fly Wheel Sports, complete a request here: