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Jennifer Hills

Hi there.

I’m raising funds on behalf of Shatterproof—a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families.

Every dollar we raise together will advance Shatterproof’s advocacy efforts and provide evidence-based resources for families.

Through the help of good people like you, I know I can personally make a big difference. May I count on your support?

Whether you give $1000, $100, or $25, any amount will help change lives.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Together, we are stronger than addiction. We Are Shatterproof!



raised of $100 goal

Recent Donations

1. JJason, Tyler, Ashley, and Grandpa
Your selfless in everything you do, we love you!
2. DDoug & Judith Carr
3. NLNichole Lundeen
4. KSKelle Sisk
Hugs and Prayers??
5. AKAmanda Karls
?? love you!
6. AWAmanda Wiliams
This is a very Jenny way of honoring Steven and I love it. I’ll be Rhee running next to you in spirit. Love you
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